Study MBBS in Nepal

Study MBBS in Nepal

Study MBBS in Nepal is the wise decision as Nepal provides an excel opportunity to many international candidates belong from different parts of the world. Besides the neighboring country of India, Nepal also experience friendly relations with India since long years ago. Nepal shares its external boundaries with India, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and others.

Nepal Medical Colleges are very popular among Indian students. Nepal universities appear as the golden opportunity for all those candidates who are not able to take admission in Indian medical institutions because of any reason. Might be they could not be able to crack NEET Entrance examination, or because of hefty tuition fees charged by the private college or heavy rush and limited seats in Indian universities.

Nepal Universities are notable for their quality of education and diverse method of teaching. Their universities and colleges are enriched with the latest equipment, advanced technologies of learning, highly educated faculty and staff members. The best thing about Nepal institutions is that most of their faculty members are of Indian origin and it makes it easier for newcomers to understand and feel comfortable.

Candidates who are seeking admission in abroad universities, Nepal is one of the leading countries for MBBS courses and many Indian students take this advantage and successfully practicing in India. Candidate can take direct admission in Nepal colleges and their fees are less expensive then Indian Institutions and they don’t ask for any Entrance or Proficiency test.

Almost all medical colleges in Nepal are MCI approved and students will get MCI screening coaching during their regular studies so that they can pass MCI screening tests easily and get a license to practice in India. MBBS course duration in Nepal takes 6 years.

MBBS in Nepal at a glance

Degree awarded by UniversitiesMBBS Degree
IntakeStarted in the month of July
Concerning the authority of Nepal for MedicineNepal Medical Council.
Suggested medical CollegesKIST Medical College and Nepal Medical College.
Mode of teachingEnglish or Nepalese
Approved byApproved by MCI, WHO, UNESCO, etc.
Course Duration5+1 year for Compulsory internship
The minimum cost of livingApprox 5-10 thousand per month
The minimum cost of StudyingMinimum 10 lakhs

Advantages of MBBS in Nepal

There are uncountable benefits for Indian Students as well as for other candidates to study in Nepal. Nepal institutions have the complete full proved study package and it offers various moments to improve their skill according to the demand of society. Some of their basic advantages are;

  1. Minimal fees structure charged by Nepal Universities.
  2. No Donation money or any hidden costs are taken by students.
  3. Universities don’t take any Entrance Examination or language skill test in order to take admission.
  4. Nepal has many eye-catching spots and scenic views to explore.
  5. The best thing about Nepal is that most Universities are recognized by MCI and other medical agencies.
  6. Low Cost of living expenses as compared to other Asian countries.
  7. 100% guaranteed direct admission in Nepal medical college if candidate found eligible and has all required documents.
  8. Students will be trained by expert practitioners and professors who are working in the field of medical form for many years.
  9. Students will get a chance to learn a second language.
  10. Less documentation and Quick & Simple admission procedure.

Top recognized Medical Colleges in Nepal

Here, is a list of top MCI recognized Medical Institutes of Nepal with affordable fees structure and modern infrastructure.

Medical CollegeLocationAffiliated toEstablishedForeign SeatsFees
Manipal College of Medical Science, PokharaPokharaKathmandu University199450
College of Medical Science BharatpurKathmandu University199650
Kathmandu University School of Medical SciencesKathmanduKathmandu University199433
Birat Medical CollegeBirat NagarKathmandu University201433
Kathmandu Medical College (KMC)KathmanduKathmandu University199733
Nepal Medical College (NMC)Jorpati, KathmanduKathmandu University199733
Nepalgunj Medical CollegeNepalgunjKathmandu University199633
Lumbini Medical CollegePalpaKathmandu University200933
Nobel Medical CollegeBirat NagarKathmandu University200433
Devdaha Medical College & Teaching HospitalDevdahaKathmandu University2008
Institute of Medicine IOM)KathmanduTribhuwan University19728
Nepal Army Institute of Health SciencesKathmanduTribhuwan University19254
KIST Medical CollegeKathmanduTribhuwan University200633
Chitwan Medical CollegeBharatpurTribhuwan University200733
Gandaki Medical CollegePokharaTribhuwan University200733
Universal Medical CollegeBhairahawaTribhuwan University199833
National Medical CollegeBirgunjTribhuwan University200133
Janaki Medical CollegeJanakpurTribhuwan University200317

MBBS in Nepal Fees structure 2022-23

Nepal’s government has subsidized fee structure very low so that more students can afford fees easily and gain quality knowledge in their top reputed institution and by this they increase their human resources and improving health quality of the people of nation and worldwide. Nepal offers higher degree programs at the minimal package.

Eligibility for MBBS in Nepal

As we already know that if we are sitting in any competitive examination or seeking admission in any university/college, first of all, we have to fulfill the requirement, only after we are eligible to take admission to that university. Below mentioned are the basic eligibility criteria for MBBS admission followed by majority of colleges;

  • The age of interested candidates should be 17 years or as on 31st December for the same year.
  • Candidate must have qualified NEET examination with a good percentile if they want to take admission to a top college.
  • Candidate must have completed their Higher Secondary Certificate Examination or any equivalent examination from a recognized board of country.
  • Candidate must have obtained at least 50% aggregate marks in main subjects like English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • One more important thing is that candidates should possess pleasant academic performance and behavior for good impression.

MBBS in Nepal Admission procedure

The admission process for MBBS in Nepal Universities has been started from the month of July and lasts till September. Students are required to check important dates timely so that they don’t miss any opportunity to take admission. The application process is very simple and can be easily done by online method, only candidates are required to take care of timing. The online mode of the application provides full-transparency and effortless process of filling application to the students.

  • Visit the Official website of your chosen university.
  • Go for the registration application form and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Fill all necessary details including personal and Academic information and attach required documents.
  • After filling all information next you have to make payment through online mode.
  • You will be provided by a login password in your e-mail ID.
  • On your top left corner, there is a “Student Login” icon, now you can check each and every detail regarding University by entering the password in your Login account.
  • Foreign candidates have to go through a personal interview and entrance test.

Documents required for Admission

Students have to attach some documents at admission time along with the registration form;

  1. High School and Intermediate education certificates.
  2. Eligibility Certificate by MCI for Indian students.
  3. Identity proof such as Adhar Card, Voter ID, Passport, etc.
  4. Recent digital Photographs.

Documents required for Visa 

  1. Invitation letter
  2. Mark sheet of 10+2 education
  3. Flight Tickets
  4. Accommodation Letter
  5. Medical and Travel insurance
  6. University fees deposit slip
  7. Original Birth Certificate
  8. Approval from Ministry of both nations
  9. Passport size photographs
  10. A valid passport

MBBS Course Duration

MBBS Course in Nepal Universities takes 5.5 years to be completed. 4.5 years are initially dedicated to theoretical lectures contain Basic Science and Clinical Science and other one year is for practical training in hospitals called internship. Students are providing by the real case to do hand practice for real-life experience. This one year experience later will help the students to become a good professional doctor.  

It will entirely depend on students to choose their preferred country for internship if students want to come back to their motherland for final year so they can do so.

Mode of Instruction

MBBS course lectures in Nepal universities should be delivered in English to the international candidates. Medicine course is available in both Nepali and English but students have to choose their preferred language. Some universities/colleges may charge heavy cost for Fully English MBBS course. Colleges offer complete 6 years course in Nepali language will charge less amount. So in the end, either you have to pay un-necessary bulk amount or you have learned Nepali language.

MBBS in Nepal Syllabus

The complete 4.5 years theoretical studies of basic science and Clinical science have been divided into 9 Semesters by Nepal Universities and their concerning authority. After completing 9 semesters successfully students have to go through a rotation internship either from Nepal Hospital or from their native country.

Nine Semesters will be divided into two parts, out of which the first part comprises 4 semesters and second part contains 5 semesters. In the first part, students will be introduced by the integrated teaching of basic Medical science and another part is for clinical subjects.

Anatomy, Pharmacology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, and community medicine are first part subjects.

Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Toxicology, radiology, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Skin and ENT are the second part subjects.

Students shall not be only promoted to the fifth semester unless he/she will not successfully clear Pathology, Pharmacology, and Microbiology along with another subject like, Anatomy, Biochemistry, and physiology.

After four-semester students will be taken for field visits in Kathmandu city for one month in order to fulfill the need for community medicine. After one-month vacation universities will continue with fifth-semester subjects.

Accommodation facility of Nepal

Nepal universities take care of accommodation for international students and that’s why it provides separate hostel facilities to girls and boys inside college campuses. Hostel rooms are available at single occupancy and double or triple sharing.

Rooms are well furnished according to the need of students; there is the bed, Chair, Table, Cupboard, table lamp, and attached bathroom. Students have to arrange other required things on their own.

In each hostel buildings there is a common Television, study room, and mess with Indian food.

Internet connectivity is also offered by the college administration.

Disadvantages of studying MBBS in Nepal

Even though Nepal is taking many measures and becoming a leading country in the field of medical, it has some negative points too;

  • Nepal universities suffer from poor quality of English, wrong pronunciation, dialectical mistakes.
  • During internship international candidates are not allowed to touch patients they have to observe that how to treat with patients only, and indirectly their internship will be converted into observer-ship.
  •  There is a lack of real-life experience as hand practice will be done on Dummies instead of dead bodies.  
  • Students have to learn their local language as an extra subject.
  • Foreign candidates find it difficult to manage easily in the new atmosphere.

Why study MBBS in Nepal

Nepal has become the first choice of medical pursuant and day by day Nepal university gaining popularity for its high-quality education, Innovative technologies, Modern and latest equipment used by the universities, diverted teaching techniques, advancement, world-class infrastructure, and many more things. Nepal has become the nation of opportunities and providing shelter to international candidates who cross boundaries to become a successful physician.

Every year Nepal gives admission to thousands of students from different land, religion, caste, and ethnicity. The majority of students are from India, China, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Indian Students are provided by extra benefits might be because of Good relations between two nations, Indian candidates don’t require Visa or passport to live or study in Nepal.

Nepal is quite affordable and cheaper than any other Asian country. Nepal and India have many similarities such as, climatic conditions, food, and cuisines, lifestyle, culture, traditions, festivals, etc which feels like home.

About Nepal

Nepal is an Asian Country located in the Himalayan region and it is a landlocked country. Nepal has a linked history with Lord Buddha and it has world top eight tallest peaks out of ten. Nepal is known for many things such as mountaineering, it has some of the world highest mountains out of which one is Mount Everest, it is the Birth Place of Lord Buddha and it provides shelter to many wild species. Nepal is extremely safe and female-dominant country, it provides complete safety and security to international candidates. They can fearlessly travel anytime on Bus, train, Cabs, or any other public transports.

The majority of people in Nepal follow Hinduism and are god lovers. It lies in south Asia and shares its borders with India, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, etc. it has a solid combination of culture, traditions, diverse geography, climate and religion. Nepal experiences continental type of climate with four different seasons in a year. Nepal experienced an average rainfall and a minimum of 22 degrees Celsius in summer and around 10 degrees in winters.

How much does it cost to study MBBS in Nepal?

It approximately takes 40-60 lakhs if you are going for govt. Universities otherwise you may have to pay 80-90 lakhs for private college.

How can I get MBBS Scholarship in Nepal?

Students have to secure at least 60% marks in 10+2 in order to apply for the MBBS scholarship provided by in Nepal.

How many years does it take to become a Doctor in Nepal?

Generally, it takes 6 years to complete entire studies along with internship.

How much does a Doctor earn in Nepal?

It depends on your acquired skill and experience and your workplace is also a factor to judge your salary package. Inside Kathmandu valley a doctor will earn an average amount of 1-1.5 lakhs, it may increase up to 2 lakhs.