Study MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia is one of the popular destinations among medical aspirants from overseas. Pursuing medicine from Russian universities is not a new notion for students, Russian medical institutions attract medical candidates for a long time and it has a rich history of delivering education in many specialties of medicine from long years ago. Apothecary Chancery was the first Medical College in Russia established in the 17th century. Currently, there are more than 70 including government, private, central and deemed medical Universities providing training to the medical practitioners.

Russia has strong roots in medicine and drugs since long years ago, but basically, it is notable by the 17th Century when the activities of international medical practitioners are being organized as a part of the Apothecary Chancery department by the Russian Court. Medical programs were started in 1654, train medical practitioners and called official medical practitioners (Druggist and Surgeon) not Physical.  Peter the Great was the first who established the legislation for private apothecaries.

 The foreign medical seeker can easily get admission in Russian universities after completing school. Russian universities offer courses in two different languages Russian and English. If a candidate doesn’t know Russian, so he /she can learn Russian as a preparatory course at their respective medical University. Apart from these Russian Universities Preparatory departments also help foreign candidates in other subjects to perform well in future studies.

Higher medical education in Russia is only available to domestic students. The duration of the course depends upon the specialty of medicine. For example, A MBBS course in Russia take 6 years and Nursing care degree are awarded after 4 years and other Diploma courses required 8 to 9 years study.

Degree awarded

MD degree awarded equals to MBBS in India.

Course Duration

6 years long professional course.

Admission started

Form month of September

Medium of lectures

In English for international candidates

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 education required.


Approved by the Ministry of education, Russia, MCI, WHO, etc.

Fees structure

3500 USD

Living cost

150 -200 USD per month.

Climatic conditions

Cold and moderate type of Climate

NEET qualification requirement

Yes, NEET qualification is required.

Why study MBBS in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia Advantages

 Russia is a reliable name when it comes to high-quality education and a suitable& comfortable environment. Russian education is got recognition across the world and the degree awarded by Russian universities has universal acceptance. Russian Universities are recognized by the world’s most trusted medical organization Medical Council of India, World Health Organization, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, FAIMER, etc. there are so many factors supporting the title.

However, this country is the premier choice of medical aspirants because of their highly qualified teaching members and this high professional course with world-class infrastructure is backed by low-cost fees structure. Russia is the sought destination for many students who wants to become successful professionals. Russian University follows a first come first serve basis fundamental for admissions.

 In Russia, there is a lot of Universities approved by MCI and students will be trained for MCI screening test during studies, so that students can easily qualify screening test and get a license to practice in India.

MBBS courses in Russia are available in both Russian and English Language but it will entirely depend on students to choose your preferred language. And one interesting thing is that in Russian university total class strength for a single batch is around 15-20 students so that every child will get personal attention. So it’s a plus point for all knowledge seekers.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Russian is the local Language of Russia and generally, it will take 6 to 8 months to learn the Russian language. So it can be a barrier of communication for many students in starting.

There are some false Universities offering MBBS course are not actually registered medical universities they are having only fewer medicine faculties which lack quality of medical education.

 Russian has extremely cold weather in winter. Hardly one can manage to live in such extremely cold weather.

The population in some of the Russian cities is very low so students are advised to live in 3-tier or 4- tier cities for the large inflow of patients.

As Russian universities don’t Pressurize students, students can become lazy.

Since Russia is packed with nightclubs, Restro and Bars, High Internet speed, Restaurants, and many mind-blowing places, so are more chances to get distracted from your goal.  

Note:-  Candidates are advised that don’t be worry because of these silly reasons as these are just a few warnings for you and if you are enough focused toward your goal and want to be a successful person in life.

Study MBBS in Russia fees Structure 2022

Interested candidates who wish to fulfill their dreams by studying MBBS course from Russian universities at low cost. While providing counseling to parents and students we have seen that patents are more concerned about the best and low fees structure universities. So, here we declared that we provide the best counseling and suggest you a list of low fees structured medical universities of Russia.

The Russian government has subsidized the fee structure and avail the best and world-class infrastructure for better and advanced learning. Candidates only have to pay tuition fees and dormitories charges only if he/she uses to stay in campus hostel. Fees for the following year are mentioned below;

UniversityLocationTotal Course FeeDetails
People’s Friendship UniversityMoscow, Russia54300 USD
Volgograd State Medical UniversityBelgorod, Russia35580 USD
I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical UniversityMoscow, Russia61600 USD
Kazan State Medical UniversityKazan, Russia37500 USD
Altai State Medical UniversityBarnaul, Russia30000 USD
Ulyanovsk Medical UniversityUlyanovsk , Russia30000 USD
Kursk State Medical UniversityKursk, Russia34080 USD
Mari State UniversityMari El Republic, Russia25400 USD
Perm State Medical UniversityPerm Krai, Russia33000 USD
Tver State Medical UniversityTver, Russia42000 USD
Orenburg State Medical UniversityOrenburg, Russia26700 USD
Smolensk State Medical UniversitySmolensk, Russia33000 USD
Bashkir State Medical UniversityUfa, Russia25500 USD
Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (RNRMU)Moscow, Russia46200 USD
Crimea Federal UniversitySimferopol, Russia23000 USD
Northern State Medical UniversityArkhangelsk, Russia33000 USD
Ryazan State Medical UniversityRyazan, Russia25500 USD
Syktyvkar State UniversitySyktyvkar, Russia20000 USD
Dagestan State Medical UniversityRepublic of Dagestan, Russia20000 USD
Siberian State Medical University Tomsk Oblast, Russia31900 USD
Far Eastern Federal UniversityPrimorsky Krai, Russia28800 USD

MBBS in Russia Eligibility Criteria

If you want to take admission to any university or college whether it’s an Indian, Ukrainian or Russian university you have to fulfill the required eligibility criteria and only after fulfilling the requirement, you can take admission to your preferred institution. Eligibility Criteria in almost all medical university are the same and so relaxed that one can easily take admission in any Russian institution;

  • The applicant should be 17 years old at admission time or as on 31st December for the same year.
  • Interested candidate must have completed 10+2 education system from a recognized board or any equivalent examination from an authorized board of the country.
  • Candidate must have obtained at least 50% marks aggregate in the major subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English.
  •  Indian Candidate must have qualified NEET Entrance examination according to the new rule of NMC, India.
  • Candidates are required to attach a copy of the Eligibility certificate issued by the Medical Council of India for admission.

 Study MBBS in Russia Admission Procedure

Russian medical universities are well-known terms for delivering high-quality education and providing a full-fledged environment for studying. MBBS in Russia admission 2022-2023 registration has been started. Universities are occupied with all advanced and modern equipment for training and practicing and it avails the students with innovative and futuristic technologies of next-generation so that students gain superior quality knowledge.

Admission procedure of Russian universities are very simple and quick, candidates don’t require to give any entrance examination or any language proficiency test in order to take admission; Complete Admission process is written below;

The admission process will be started in the month of September. The study will be awarded by the MD Degree at the end of their 6 years journey. Some students may be misled by some false agents that MBBS is a PG program but it is clearly stated by the NMC that MBBS in only a 6-year long course in all Russian universities. To reserve your seats in Russian Universities you have to fill the Application form and submit it on time.

Candidates are advised to fill all relevant and correct information regarding personal details and academic details. Before submitting check it once again and then finally submits the form.

 If Students will found eligible then, he/ she will be provided by an invitation letter within seven days after submitting the application form.

After getting letter students required to pay enrollment charges.

After paying MBBS course tuition fees to go and apply for student Visa.

And the last step is that after getting a student visa, pack your bags with required documents and other necessary things and fly for Russia.

Required Documents for Admission and Visa

Students are required to carry a folder of documents for future use and admission process. Before your final departure, you have sufficient time to collect your all missing documents required for admission.

  • Admission letter from the University
  • 30-40 passport size photographs
  • An Original Birth Certificate
  • 10th and 12th Education certificates
  • Medical reports from a registered Doctor
  • Medical and Travel insurance
  • A valid passport with Visa
  • Receipt of payment for Visa
  • Receipt of payment for first-year tuition fees
  • Approval by both nations Ministry of Education of Russia and Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, India

MBBS Course Duration in Russia

Generally, Graduate practitioner programs last for 6 years including internship through English medium.  Students who don’t want to study in the English language can speak to our counselors so that we can check for preparatory programs before starting the main degree program. Russian Medical universities teach the Russian language as an additional subject for the first three years with regular study curriculum. It appears as an opportunity for all those who want to learn a second language or foreign language, to get a wide scope in their carrier. It is important to learn local language so that you can easily interact with the local patients at internship period and yield you more experience.

Medium of Instructions

Russian Medical Universities mainly offers three types of MBBS programs to the students depend upon your preferred language;

  1. MBBS Program is available in the Russian language
  2. MBBS Program is available in fully English Medium language takes 6 years to be completed.
  3. Bilingual program. In this type of program, MBBS is taught in English for the first three years and the last three years should be taught in Russian.

It is a false statement spread by some wrong agents that Russian universities provide MBBS programs fully in English Medium. However, there are only a few Universities in Russia offer course is fully English medium to international students and these universities will charge hefty fees quite expensive than other medical colleges.  Those colleges who will offer a medicine course in the Russian language will charge the lowest fees. So in the end either you have to pay a bit more amount to these universities or start learning the Russian language.

MBBS in Russia complete Syllabus

The study curriculum for MBBS in Russia is strictly designed in accordance with international standards and parameters. This higher education professional course is also approved by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education of the Russian republic government.

The course should be delivered through some basic mediums of teaching like; Lectures, Practical and lab practice, Seminars, and debates, Assessments, and tutorials, Clinical training, and self-study.

In the first three years, students are supposed to be introduced by the Human Biology and Basic Medical Science which include subject, human anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Physiology, histology, the principle of clinical Science, and Cell biology.

And in fourth, fifth and Sixth-year students are required to apply the knowledge of first two years and improving their Clinical skill with a proper sequence of Clinical clerkship in Primary care, Surgery, Emergency medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics, gynecology, neurology, and physiology, etc.

In their fourth to sixth-year student can choose any elective programs and learning experience by clinical training, Seminars, Demonstration, Ward round, and grand round with Medical practitioners, attending Physician, Nurses, and other medical students.

About Dream Destination Russia

Russia is a landlocked country located in Asia and Eastern Europe. It is the country of rich minerals and known for its super majestic structures. Russia is the largest country in terms of land area in the world. Moscow it the capital city of Russia and it is the largest city in the world. The official name of Russia is the Russia federation. It shares its border with Finland, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Norway, Mongolia, Etc.

Russia is founded by Viking Rurik in 862. The year 1861 is known for its Abolition while the year 1971 has paved the new path for Russia to socialism. Russia Stretches from Asian to European continent and covers approx 10,672,000 miles land area. Russian geography is also very supportive as it has vast plains, dark and deep mountain forests, and rich agriculture. Russian climatic conditioned can be described as the highly continental type of climate influenced by very hot summers to freezing cold winters in the world. Russia has some coldest place in the world with a temperature -30 degrees Celsius. Russian is the most common and official language of Russia.


How much does it cost to Study MBB n Russia?

The minimum cost of Studying MBBS in Russia is 3500-4000 USD per year.

Is Russia Good for Medical Studies?

Yes, Russia is the best dominant country for Pursuing Medical Courses. Students who have completed their studies form Tver medical University have more chances to pass the MCI screening test.

Which country has the Cheapest MBBS?

MBBS in Ukraine has gained more popularity among other countries of the world because of its low fees structure, wide exposure, and quality education.

Is NEET required for MBBs in Russia 2022?

Yes, NEET is required from 2018 onwards.